As-Needed Billing

Our clients want professional GIS services but their workload doesn't rise to the level of hiring a full-time GIS person. Our business is focused upon filling this need. We are as-needed, meaning if you need 3 hours from us you pay for 3 hours-without any long-term commitment. We come with all the software, hardware and years of experience needed. We are happy to work in your office or ours. This gives our clients complete flexibility. Our goal is to provide seamless GIS services. We are happy to write separate invoices to be passed onto your clients. We want to make it easy for you to consider us your in-house GIS firm.

How it works:
  1. We collect information from you on the task through phone or email
  2. We email you back with 1) a clear outline of what we are going to, 2) the number of hours we anticipate completing the task will take and 3) a deliverable date and time
  3. Your team responds on whether to change the scope and/or give us the go-ahead to move forward

    If we respond that a task will take a certain number of hours and we go over, we either eat the overage or we contact you to talk about the issue. If we spend less time completing a task then you are only billed for the hours we worked. This way our clients are never surprised by an invoice.

We are not re-sellers. We do not make money on marking up hardware, software, cloud server hourly bills, or mobile devices. If we need to purchase these items we will work with you on the most advantageous way to do it. Evari GIS is focused on applying our technical expertise and delivering high-quality products and services to our clients.

Often our invoices are under purchasing card (p-card) monthly allowances for government, municipality or larger organization work. We are also happy to accept all major credit cards.