Enterprise GIS Solutions

The use of GIS as a full-fledged enterprise system is becoming more and more widespread and offers the ability to share your organization's data in new ways. An enterprise GIS enables many data editors and viewers with a central data repository. This empowers non-GIS professionals to create authoritative data and easily share it across an enterprise. Recent advances in cloud computing, software, robust cellular networks and mobile hardware have dramatically decreased the cost to implement an enterprise system which helps organizations find answers to geographic questions.

Interactive web mapping applications can be developed to provide a window into your projects via an intuitive, visual interface that updates in real time as data changes. Enterprise GIS offers a new way to interact with information that has an important geographic component. If geography is a significant factor in your work, then using a GIS to solve problems and share information just makes sense. Non-GIS professionals can edit enterprise data where and when it is most advantageous, whether in the office on an easy-to-navigate website, or in the field through a custom iPad application or many other connected mobile device options.

Taking GIS capabilities into the field and into the hands of knowledge workers and field crews. Data editing is no longer confined to the office or to the GIS professional; it can be done onsite by those who understand the project best.

Evari designs web and mobile applications that are simple and easy to use for people without any GIS experience. A good example is the $20 Million Streetlight Conversion Project in San Diego where Evari configured a mobile application to be used on 4G connected iPads by workcrews in the field. Workcrews (not GIS professionals) update data on over 50,000 streetlights across the City of San Diego’s approximately 400 square miles. Through an intuitive map showing the streetlights in the City, workcrews are able to collect and change the status for individual lights as they are converted. As data is collected it is reflected on the other iPads. This same data is also shared through a website which anyone can see.

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