Regulatory Support

Evari provides a broad range of GIS services in support of clients in the Environmenal Consulting industry. Typical clients include Biological Consultants, Environmental Planners, Land Use Planners, Surveyors, Geologists, Environmental Remediation Specialists, and others. While these professionals have different specialties they are all in the business of supporting clients dealing with environmental regulations in one manner or another. GIS is an essential tool for experts in these fields as it aids in the assessment, analysis, and display of a variety of spatial information. Typical GIS services include data creation and management, CAD/GIS integration, spatial data analyses, and hard-copy map production/design services in support of report and document writing. Evari staff has years of experience working with professionals charged with navigating environmental regulations for its clients. We are familiar with the specific issues and obstacles associated with typical projects in these industries, enabling GIS technology to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. Evari's specialty is understanding not only industry-specific workflows, but how to tailor customized GIS solutions to individual projects and businesses; because no two clients or projects are the same.

Maps accurately depict the text and support the conclusions in the report. Readers of these reports often first turn to the maps to gain a quick understanding of the primary focus of the report. Municipalities not only expect professional field work, scientific methodologies and well written reports, but also professionally made maps and calculations. Maps which are not to scale, use non-professional software or are not clear reflect poorly on the authors and can influence the decision to ask for subsequent work to be accomplished. Our clients realize this. Our as-needed billing structure makes it easy for firms and organizations to leverage our professional GIS consulting services without large contracts or long term commitments.

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