Evari is the leader when it comes to implementing GIS technology solutions for streetlight conversion/retrofit projects. Streetlights present unique challenges due to their spread-out geographical nature and the large amounts of data points to manage. In situations where streetlights need to be mapped out and data collected, GIS is an invaluable tool. When it comes to streetlight conversions and retrofits, the use of mobile GIS technology is a game-changer. Evari implemented this type of system on a $20 Million, multi-year project for the City of San Diego. In addition to handling the data management component, Evari set up a mobile GIS workflow that enables real-time editing of the streetlight database by workcrews and a web-based mapping application accessible by Project Management. This means that project progress can be tracked and monitored in real-time and problems encountered in the field can be overcome in a timely fashion.

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